Kathryn Willis About Image - Memphis,TN


I’m Kathryn Willis, a Memphis-based paper artist specializing in whimsical, bespoke paper pet portraits and traditional paper cut pieces. I grew up in a small town in Central New York and earned a degree in Arts Management. Through a few hops, skips, and jumps, I ended up as a veterinary technician in Memphis, Tennessee.

My career choices have been eclectic, but throughout each transition, I’ve always found ways to nurture my creative side. From photography to painting to singing, arts have always helped to expand my horizons – literally and figuratively. In 2014, I gave myself a weekly photography challenge to photograph my dog, Loki, set to a different location in my adopted home of Memphis for an entire year. The project concluded in 2015 and was turned into a published book titled “The Year of the Dog: 52 Weeks of Memphis“.

After publishing the book, many people asked me, “what’s next?” Well, a new artistic endeavor of course! I decided I hadn’t worked with paper and sharp craft knives yet so why not go for it? What could possibly go wrong! After I created my first pet portrait of a friend’s dog, word spread fast and I’ve been working with paper ever since.